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Company Overview

KHFT promises to do its best to ensure your complete satisfaction

 Jong-su Lee

We seek to grow as a world-class company by realizing customer satisfaction.

Korea Heat & Fluid Technology (KHFT) is a company that designs and manufactures Ejectors, Vacuum Systems, Desuperheaters, Static Mixers, and TVRs, and supplies products to the refining, power generation, petrochemicals, construction, and steelmaking industries. We are receiving great responses from our customers by helping them increase their energy savings and energy efficiency and by helping them maximize their productivity.

We are constantly engaging in technological research and development, based on our belief in always listening to the opinions of our customers. Our greatest hope is to continue to become a company that, based on many years of technological expertise, constantly researches, realizes customer values, and is trusted by customers.

We try to realize customer satisfaction by embracing quality management, creating a type of management that values creative thinking, and growing together with our customers through mutual understanding and communication.

We are committed to expanding in the domestic market as well as into overseas markets, and are making efforts to grow into a global company that realizes the global vision of creating a brighter future for all mankind.

Thank you.

Management Philosophy

Customer appreciation 
is everything.

With a corporate management philosophy that
 prioritizes customer appreciation, 
we find the products and services that our 
customers want, and strive to satisfy 
each and every customer.

Code of Ethics
Responsibilities and Obligations to
 Our Customers

  • Listen to and respect customers, and
    use customer opinions as a basis to
    form  judgments
  • Create customer values and provide
    customer services
  • Conduct business that protects
    customer's interests and puts trust first
Fair Competition and Business 

  • Provide equal opportunities
  • Pursue mutual development and fair
     business transactions
  • Engage in active and creative business
Responsibilities and Obligations
 of KHFT Employees

  • Establish values based on honesty
    and trust
  • Accomplish missions through active
     thinking and self-development
  • Uphold the values of human respect,
    equal opportunity, and fair treatment
Responsibilities and Obligations of 
KHFT to the Country and Society

  • Comply with all relevant laws and
    regulations, and engage in reasonable
    management practices
  • Share achievements and values with
    society, and contribute to social
  • Maintain a spirit of environmental
    protection that considers nature
    and the future

Tel. +82-55-342-8678 | Fax. +82-55-342-8679 | Mail: khft@khft.co.kr
102, Myeongdong-ro, Hallim-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea